better human beings?

July 1st, 2014

Entrepreneurship is about resilience more than about anything else. The question is never if at some point it’s going to be hard. The question is how hard and, above all, to quote a fictional character, how much you can get hit and keep moving forward.

I have been thinking about this lately, not because things have gotten worse, but because talking to a friend made me wonder if entrepreneurship can really make you a better human being.

I know that it can definitely make you a better profesional. It’s a complete experience. When you work in sales, for example, you have to learn to sell and in order to do this, you have to develop skills like listening, persuasion, negotiation and others, but you can do without being the most organized person on Earth. If you work in project management, you need powerful organizing skills and a sense of urgency. Listening can be a big plus, but it’s not mandatory. And so on…

Well, in entrepreneurship sooner or later you get the full package. No two days are the same and not a week goes by without having to solve a problem that nobody around you knows how to solve. Because, guess what, every-f*cking-unsolvable problem escalates to the guy with the biggest responsability. It goes up to the highest floor where someone has to solve the unsolvable and cut the red wire before it all blows through the roof.

So he finds a way to solve it. Not because he has the know-how, not because he is smarter or faster, but because no amount of self-induced bullshit can make the problem go away. It will stay there until it gets done.

This every-day-by-day-by-day-solve-it-or-it-blows type of experiences sure make you a more powerful professional, every day more prepared for anything that gets thrown at you.

But does it make you a better human being? How could it?

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